Is it time you had an amazing brand to go with those amazing business goals you set? 
Have you been sending people to your website or landing page and feeling embarrassed because you know your customers and potential customers don’t connect with it? 
Do you research your competitors and cringe at how your DIY branding compares to their professionally put together look? 
Are you scrolling through social media and thinking that everyone else stands out except for you? 
Maybe your brand identity hasn’t evolved as quickly as your business has, or you want it to evolve even more. This is a sign that elevating your brand is just what you need. 
Luckily, I can help! 
During the exploration phase, I’ll be learning a lot about you, your business, and what matters to you and your target audience. This is the foundation of creating a precise visual brand, in order to accurately communicate the mission of your business. 
Our discussions will inspire a mood board that focuses on a specific design direction and serves as the foundation for your new brand’s personality. 
I’ll delve into every aspect of your current branding, from positioning to the feel and function of your website. I’ll draft a visual for your new brand direction and create an identity that embodies your intended messaging. 
Your brand design will resonate throughout every piece I create for you, including business cards and custom graphics such as logos, colour palette, patterns, buttons, and social media icons. 
Our work together will span approximately four weeks. 
When the project is finished, you’ll take possession of a crystal clear visual brand identity and a simply laid out brand board, along with relevant files for you to use. 
Your new brand will allow potential clients to immediately understand you, your business, and what you do, easily, effortlessly and effectively. 
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